Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday & The Weekend's Here ~ Day 20


We have been planning time in the garden this weekend and fingers crossed it doesn't rain as we're putting in two new garden beds.  This morning I bought some plants from Bon Laneway next door which are in the tray above, sitting cutely on the seat.  

Fortunately the gorgeous lady who grows them was having coffee and explained in detail the conditions each plant thrives and loves to grow in.  Amongst this lot are some greens for smoothies/juices, a purple capsicum and a rockmelon that resembles a pumpkin on the outside but apparently tastes delicious. 


When I returned from next door, a delivery of the beautiful sunflowers I'd been admiring yesterday arrived wrapped in newspaper.  Apparently Phill has been reading my what else do I love, let me think hehe xx


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    1. I was very lucky...came home today to roses on my bedside, spoilt me thinks xo