Sunday, January 29, 2012

Piano Man & The Way We Used To Shop ~ Day 29


Okay, so I'm not talking about Billy Joel or even Robert Pattinson, (though I do thank him for supplying the image hehe). Recently I purchased a set of vintage cassette tapes of all the previous Academy Awards musical winners leading up to the early 80s. It's light orchestral music with predominant piano and the style took me back to a time when mum would take us kids to our local mall.

The mall looks very different now to when I was a kid and we once had these wonderful shops to explore which are no longer there. In their place is an over-abundance of chain stores. I was just reminiscing with a friend about this great delicattessen, filled with local and continental delights from around the world and operated by friendly, local Greek people. We also had a truly magical Christmas display in the festive season, with Santa on his big chair, waiting for you to tell him all you wanted . I'm sorry kids, you are really missing out because there really isn't anything quite like it anymore.

But back to the music because it reminded me of the man dressed very dapper in his black tail coat and bow tie, tinkling the ivories on the grand piano as we went about our shopping, (now it's Lady Gaga filling the aisles that you find yourself singing along to, only to make eye contact with the older chap across the way singing the same lyrics and you kinda smile/cringe to yourself. My experience this week anyhow). Shopping was a day out and a real experience. For some it still is, but I don't think it's quite like what it used to be. Is there anything you miss about the way we used to shop?

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