Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Veggie Patch Inspiration ~ Day 4




My mind is still in the garden, on my dream veggie patch to be exact. I am a very visual person and so design is always considered in most things I do and exactly why the first two images from the Summer Solstice Chelsea Garden Show in 2008 make me smile.

I feel however that my budget is slightly less and so compromises will need to be made. But for me the raised beds are an absolute must. And for us it is also about being sustainable (ie no more wilted greens from the local supermarket but beautiful sun kissed leaves from our own backyard, the whole year through).

Another thing that gets me very excited is our backyard being filled with these garden beds and NO MORE lawn mowing. Hallelujah to that I say.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that garden!!!!!! I am going to incorporate something like that in my own garden. Thank you sooooo much for the inspiration!!!
    ~Debra xxx