Monday, February 20, 2012

A Cuppa Tea (Said in my best Cockney) ~ Day 53


How ever you choose to drink your tea (big mugs, pinkie poised, milk two sugars, black, chai or Russian Caravan) there is something about drinking it from a fine china tea set that makes it taste even better, I think.

The art of drinking tea in general may have been lost but it is something that some of my customers enjoy reminiscing about. For one customer it is the memory of the finest tea set only being used when special guests such as the local priest visited that now sits protected behind the glass cabinet to be looked at by new generations but never touched. For another it is over a collection of beautiful Shelley Trios from when Ipswich still had fine department stores. Many years on the owner is still in search for that one last particular Trio to join the others.

Apparently when Fine China is used on a regular basis it remains strong (it may incur a chip or two along the way but to me that is character) but when put away as a show piece only, it becomes brittle and fragile. I'm not sure in the truth of this but if there was any, maybe it is time we got our tea sets out to enjoy a cuppa.


  1. I totally agree,nothing like a cup of English Breakfast or Green in a china cup, I wouldn't take it any other way.
    It's true,even if you don't use the bone china,it should be washed and dried now and then to stop the china from drying out. That is why on many vintage pieces crazing appears.
    I will take tea with you today Lou, in the best china cups no less. :) x jeanetteann

  2. Yes, the tea definitely tastes better in fine china! Love the juxtaposition in the photo of the fine china and rough hands.....

  3. I agree, I love a nice piece of china to drink from. I've always thought that it was good for it to be used as it keeps the moisture level up and stops it from becoming brittle. :)