Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Little Women Wrap up ~ Day 41


I'm not certain if I read Little Women as a girl. I do remember watching the film and have done so various times. As I was reading it for Bookclub it did seem rather familiar and gave me a sneaking suspicion I had. I have always had the book and have collected vintage copies from time to time and think it slightly self-indulgant with sharing the same name and all.

So in the wake of a storm, in the cosiness of Serendipity, our glasses filled with wine and a cheese platter to enjoy, Book Club commenced for the first time to the gentle flicker of candles. With the story firmly on our minds we discussed the sometimes challenging questions (I'm sure my theory teachers from college would have be impressed), laughed and generally enjoyed each others company.

To learn that Louisa did not enjoy writing the book came somewhat as a surprise because generally it is a well loved story (and why we are reading The Chase by Louisa for next month to hopefully receive a deeper insight to the author and compare the two stories). Of course we discussed with passion the relationship between Jo March and Laurie (If you have read the book you will know exactly what I mean and if you haven't I suggest you do) and overall the beauty that is the March family with the moral and emotional trials that the girls face (and we still relate to today), overcome and learn from. The messages of fairness, forgiveness, living simply, hardwork balanced with pleasure (and that pleausure without hardwork is not so much of a pleasure) becomes somewhat a guide to life in this ahhhh sigh, fast paced world.

Have you read Little Women, and if so did you love or dislike the book?

PS Did you know that the 1994 film version of Little Women is based on both Little Women and Good Wives. Some publications of Little Women have both stories and others only the original version of Little Women before they incorporated both.

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