Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raw Beetroot Coleslaw ~ Day 33

This evening Phill is making his famous Raw Beetroot Coleslaw as part of dinner. It's perfectly balanced with the sweetness from the beetroot, sourness from the Apple Cider Vinegar and seasoned with the savoriness of garlic, salt and pepper.


If you haven't heard of The Raw Food movement before, it is all about enjoying a diet consisting of at least 70% fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds where their enzymes and goodness are retained for our maximum health and wellbeing, (cooked/heated foods above 46 degrees celsius, grains, sugar, dairy and a lot of what else we love eating is considered toxic to our bodies), and the philosophy "you are what you eat" certainly aligns itself to this lifestyle choice.

Eating raw food need not be boring either (what, another salad?) because there are plenty of taste bud tantalising recipes to enjoy.

For our salad tonight:


Toss Shredded Cabbage in a bowl with


Shredded Beetroot and thinly diced onion.


Make a dressing in a blender using organic apple cider vinegar,


cashew nuts, olive oil, water, lemon, garlic and
salt and pepper.

Mix together in a bowl and you have one very simple but tasty dinner accompaniment. I love eating it with tomato, avocado and fresh pineapple on the side. To me it makes the perfect mouthful.

Did you also know that Cashews come from the Cashew Apple? Another great thing about eating raw is expanding our knowledge on the origins of our food.


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