Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Road Trip ~ Day 40


My loves, forgive me but I will need to do the follow up blog to our first Serendipity Book Club (a wonderful success if I may say so myself) tomorrow. I have been out of the shop all day as we took a road trip to Brisbane.

All to be revealed in good time as to why but we did stop in at the glorious Hamptons boutique and cafe in Paddington for lunch. I tell ya, I'm in LOVE (there I go again, is it to do with the season? I'm not sure, maybe...) with that place.

You are met by welcoming hydrangeas at the front door, inside is filled with beautiful and elegant pieces and splashes of coastal style but perhaps my most favourite of all was the incredible walk in pantry filled with gourmet goodness. What's not to love really. No photos this time but you can visit their website here.

It's night night for us here in Ipswich but speak to you all tomorrow xo

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  1. Looks gorgeous, Lou. Love that table in their gallery images. Is that for sale???? Can't wait to hear why you were up in Brisbane? Hurry back ! x