Friday, March 16, 2012

A Bloggy Catchup ~ Days 77, 78 & 79


Day 79 - Okay, so at the moment with only days away from reopening our shop space and still much to do I am getting a quick chance to catch up on these past three days. At the moment it seems like perfect blogging weather with the drizzle of rain...I do love a rainy weekend and I'm considering if a cup of Earl is required :)

Mum is staying the weekend and this morning I noticed how her skin glowed. Funny enough, I didn't mention a thing until she was discussing with me her new skincare regime where she now replaces a standard cleanser with baking soda. She has been using it for a couple of weeks now and compliments it with a homemade moisturiser of essential oils mixed in a carrier oil of coconut oil (she's been doing that part for years).

Being a big time blog reader mum came across the idea from another lady who has been using it for years and receives compliments all the time. I know we all love to look the best we can ladies so am sharing this beauty tip loving...I shall give it a go and let you all know what I think :)


Day 77 - We went through my stash of vintage fabrics today...I absolutely feel a range of cushions coming on for a new seat when Serendipity reopens. It's incorporating plenty of blue with retro print floral, something a bit more delicate and perhaps a little geometric thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to sharing these with you soon.


Day 77 - These may not be our votives but I feel once we finish with the look of our new candle range, they will be just as pretty. I have kept all the fragrances from our previous range (I'll introduce you to their new names soon) as they were all loved with one new fragrance joining the family. We are also the manufacturers of our own candles allowing us to maintainin purity and produce only the highest quality grade. I'm looking forward to unveiling these shortly as they really do add ambiance and warmth to any space.

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  1. i love your mum's natural skincare secrets. i've used baking soda as a face scrub and to clean the bathroom. love the fabrics & the votive!