Friday, March 2, 2012

One More Sleep ~ Day 64


Today there has been excitement all around town as we look forward to and prepare for Jamie's visit tomorrow. The kids wanted to share their thoughts on what it is they LIKE about Jamie.

Lily -To me Jamie has a heart that's as big as an ocean that's in side another ocean.
With passion for food he has a great imagination and looks like it would taste delicious. He has love, hope and passion for life. I'm in love with his food xx00

David - To me Jamie is a fabulous fresh cook.(No wonder they called him the naked chef.)He's a man who doesn't want little children(AND in that case BIGGER kids as well) becoming OVERweight. And most of all is the greatest fresh chef to me:)

We are really fortunate to be seeing Jamie tomorrow so I'm sure over the weekend there will be lots to share with you all. Yep, a wee bit excited xo


  1. Love Jamie- you are so lucky to have him.
    PS Years ago when I first saw the Naked Chef advertised in a TV guide I thought it meant he cooked in the nude!

  2. We were excited to see him as well. Love the Ministry of Food.