Friday, March 30, 2012

A Perfect Friday Night ~ Day 92


It's cool enough in the evenings now to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, a favourite in our household. I often make it with a pinch of chilli powder, cinnamon and a scoop of whipped cream on top (& we're now lucky to have in The Chocolaterie a traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate mix by Tio Pablo) but tonight I made it with marshmallows reminiscent of what we devoured as kids when mum made it.

It's always best enjoyed while reading a very good book I find. So I'm about to pick up Wuthering Heights again which I'm really enjoying and finding it a rather fascinating read so far! Good night and hope you're all enjoy your Friday evenings out there xo

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  1. Sounds yum,chocolate and chilli is a winner for sure.I read a few chapters or Wuthering Heights a few months ago,did you hear of the conspiracy theory the first 3 chapters were written by Branwell Bronte (male style of writing) and stolen by his sister,kind of bizarre.