Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Light Goes On ~ Day 102

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Tonight I have been restless! Nothing seems to capture my attention, not reading or watching some favourite tv programs.

Once again it's this aching need for creativity not much different to the last time I posted on it here. So in the end, when all else are asleep peacefully I creep outdoors with candle lit lanterns to write.

There is a character that plays on my mind and has been there for over five years. As the silvery moon slips in and out from behind the clouds, it seems like the perfect time to begin on an adventure with her.


  1. How have I missed that you like to write fiction, Lou? How lovely. I have a dream to write a book one day. Fiction isn't my thing though I do have a children's picture book that I've been trying, over the years, to get published. Happy writing! Would love to hear more about your writing and your character.

  2. how intriguing - can't wait!