Saturday, April 21, 2012

Notes from Days 109 to 114

This week I have jotted down a number of inspirations and notes...come inside my journal and see!!

Day 109

Finally!! This dream of chickens from over a year and half ago is now becoming a reality. We begun on our chook house months ago only to be put aside again until now!! Curious as to see how the dogs will take to them. Not too well I hope. A friend has three chooks to begin with coming our way. There may only be one good layer which makes me wonder if the others will become Mother's Day lunch....could I do that?

Day 110

I have been thinking a lot about colour lately. This image hear strikes a chord with me, a million times over. When it comes to colour, it goes in and out of style. To me, scrap fashion? and surround yourself with colour you love. Colour also tells a story and lends itself to different styles. Beautiful, simple neutrals lend itself to provincial styling where as an eclectic colour palette may lend itself to something more bohemian. My problem? I love it all...

Day 111

Looking through my wardrobe, I'm in need of some personal style loving perfect for this cooler weather. This stunning outfit has inspired me and I'm in love with everything from the fabric print, dress shape (and lets face it, it's perfect for accentuating those curves ladies), the velvet red bow at the waist with vintage rhinestone embellishment, right down to the teal coloured heels. In fact, the shoes could quite very well be my favourite thing about this entire outfit.

Day 112

The Great Gatsby...I am working my way through it for May's book club. Would "work" be the right word, I don't think so? It seems so far to be filled with a whirlwind of parties for wealthy Long Islander socialite types in glitzy 1920s attire and as the reader you seem to go along with the ride. Apparently some of the characters do actual work, there are words of the type to support it but we're more concerned about the character development as it unfolds and the story that lies beneath this so called glamourous lifestyle. That aside, we are dressing up this book club Gatsby style so I'm drawing on Luhrmann for inspiration whose version of the film is released at the cinemas later this year in December.

Day 113

The Family Getaway; So we are looking for a nice beach to walk along, rest our eyes upon, maybe some fishing and even sailing. Probably too cold for a dip except for the brave. But picnic baskets made up of home made goodness to enjoy and to fill our bellies on adventures out sounds good to me. Yes looking forward to this Family Getaway.

Day 114

Busy all week and come Saturday night it feels a bit like the Old Mother Hubbard rhyme as I open our cupboard and then fridge. In need of some grocery shop loving, I venture into the garden for inspiration. A lone Basil plant sits by itself and I'm already thinking pesto. Normally I love to toss pesto through pasta but with none to speak of, I decide on toasties with pesto, cheddar and tomatoes. What a tasty combination and so simple. It was perfect Saturday night comfort food as I continued with more River Cottage.

On a side note, I came across some old seeds we collected from basil a year and a half ago that had been sitting exposed. Not certain they'd still be good, we sowed them all out and now we have basil coming up roses.

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