Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thyme to Chook ~ Day 115


Thyme for Roast Sunday - As kids, we always looked forward to lunch on a Sunday. Often a roast would be put on and off to church we'd go only to come back to a beautifully aromatic filled kitchen and a delicious meal. I have to admit we very rarely have a roast now with my own kids but I've decided this needs to change and so Roast Sunday is back.

Tonight we cooked a succulent roast pork outside on the webber. Seasoned with some salt and pepper, we put cloves of garlic under the surface of the roast and cooked with sprigs of fresh Thyme on top. Thyme is new to me and I haven't really used it in the past. What I do know is it grows rather easily so anyone who is concerned about lacking a green thumb, I do suggest giving this herb ago. It quite likes a warm sunny position and well drained soil. If you happen to forget to water it for a day or two or more, it's quite forgiving. It also has a strong herbal fragrance that fills the kitchen when you're working with it. As for Roast Sunday, it was a huge success!


Chicken Meet & Greet - Our first round of hens arrived today. Three to be exact and they look much like these lovely ladies. If you know anything about hens then you probably know they're the good laying variety. We're told this should begin happening in the next few weeks so I guess it'll be omelettes, pavlovas and the like.

We are hoping for our next lot of hens to arrive sometime this week. What I didn't know is that chickens can become quite territorial when new chooks arrive on the scene. It is best to decide on how many hens you want all at once and purchase together. If that's not possible the next best thing to do in a clandestine manner, is introduce the new chooks at night. I guess that's what we'll be doing.

Just to update, we now have one chook named "Pepper" who already has her own Birth Certificate thanks to her new "Mother", Miss Lily. Now to name the rest of the five ladies.

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