Friday, June 8, 2012

Making Beds, Cleaning Floors & Stocking Shelves


Whenever a special guest was coming to stay with us as kids, mum was always making beds with freshly washed linen, cleaning the floors and stocking pantry shelves with delicious offerings. It kinda feels a bit like that at the moment for Ipswich as we prepare for the arrival of Colin Firth & entourage for filming at the Ipswich Railway Workshops.

Just last week I had a job in Brisbane and I got to chatting to a lady. I mentioned something about Ipswich and the response was "Oh I never go to Ipswich" quite adamantly. Well I'm here to say girlfriend, you're missing out. If you live in Ipswich you know it has a lot going for it, especially at the moment with developments and a newfound cultural renaissance on various different levels. And we've had some special visitors recently including Prince Wills, Jamie and now Mr Darcy, whoops Colin (sorry).

I'm happy to play tour guide to anyone visiting us here and t0 show you what we have on offer!! Quite frankly, we have much to celebrate in this great city of ours :) In the meantime, Colin should be arriving in the next week (no specifics have been given) and I'm vacuuming under the peep's feet as we speak. I think Ipswich will definitely be rolling out the red carpet for this King's Speech, Academy Award winning actor!!


  1. Ipswich sounds like the place to be! I hope to get to meet Colin :)

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