Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage Living & what it means to you?

Our recent visit to The Abbey Medieval Festival

Vintage living in 2012 is something that appeals to many and something that has appealed to me always, even as a youngster in some shape or form. Recently I read an interview with Cath Kidston on what it is people love about her range and her response was "nostalgia".

Earlier this year I re-read Little Women, focused around a household of late 1800s women being full filled in the way of keeping home and filling it with love, life and laughter. Even more recently I stepped back in time to The Abbey Medieval Festival (both an exciting and foreign experience for me) which got me to thinking again about living a life stripped back of modern conveniences.

Throughout all these periods there have been golden eras and hardships, some more than others. But there is a key to joy and happiness that living a vintage lifestyle brings. Be it growing herbs in your garden, enjoying family time around a board game, feeding the family wholesome meals made by you, crafting, even being eco-friendly (not a modern concept, just a revisited one that has become trendy) etc. I think this sense of vintage nostalgia that Cath Kidston speaks of stems deeper than from just our modern times and comes from an instinctual human craving.

What does vintage living mean to you?


  1. Oooh, the new look!!! Lovely and I love the photo of you and your bio. Gorgeous! I love vintage anything! Vintage is definitely about nostalgia, for me. I love thinking about the stories that each piece of furniture or kitchen ware or whatever the treasure happens to be, could tell. Where has the table been? Who has owned it? What were those people like? Did they love it like I do? What did they eat while they sat at it? Who is KT, the initials scratched underneath? And I love the re-use concept. Not buying new but revamping something of quality and age. It adds so much character to a home as ewll as helps out the environment.
    Love vintage living!!!!!

    1. Kim, I know exactly what you mean about the origins of a piece and I do exactly the same thing, "who held this before me, or what was shared around the table, and if only that piece could speak, this stories it could tell". I go into a state of meditative wonderment.

  2. I'm not sure I could verbalise it. I love vintage, but also love new, beautiful contempoaray design. I love mismatched things. I suppose it's a bit about simple joys, home baked goodies, talking time to talk, growing veg and enjoying how they taste off your plate. Nice xx

    1. You have a wonderful eye for design and the sense of feeling it creates inside...I think in simple joys we certainly find some of the most satisfying pleasures xo